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Points to consider before hiring a customs clearance agent


Customs clearance is really complicated and demands the services of a professional customs clearance agent. He is the one who will perform multitude of tasks and avoids hassles related with commodity export and import. It is important that the customs clearance agent is well versed in the process of documentation and has the knowledge of different countries’ customs laws. The services of a customs clearance agent offered by JTM Cargo take care of the entire process with expertise. They are experts in computing the applicable tariffs and duties and promptly accelerating the clearance of your items with competitive pricing.


While hiring the services of a custom clearance agent, one must consider the following points that are helpful in making the right decision:




  • Profound knowledge regarding customs brokerage must be known with the agent and he should also be aware of the particular industry to which the goods belong. A specialist must also be well aware of the desired paperwork, discounts, fees, guarantees and financial documents.
  • For efficiently moving the items, professional recommendations must be provided by the customs clearance agent. The customs valuation, taxes, classification and policies must also be covered in the advice. This will help in saving the financial resources and shipping time.
  • Licenses must be there with the brokers who are handling the processes. Practical suggestions must be provided by the agent for improving the existing methods, getting prepared for audits of customs and record keeping.
  • Assistance is offered by the smart brokers for effectively reaching the global markets. The important thing to be focused on is quick delivery of the commodities to the clients and are received in intact condition. The strategies and network of the customs clearance agent must be considered.
  • Knowledge of technology is also important. It is important that the broker is well versed with the necessary automation in the shipment data exchange. Special systems might be used by the experienced agents that is helpful in controlling costs, promoting efficiency and minimizing non-compliance threats.  Electronic Data Interchange, original imaging solutions, File Transfer Protocol etc. are also included in this. The paperwork is reduced, accounting becomes stress free and organization has clear image in the customs departments.
  • The broker must also be available when there is a requirement needing to be answered. The client should not have to face any hassle in the process

All these factors are taken care of by the team of JTM Cargo. For reliable services of a customs clearance agent, visit www.jtmcargo.com.au and enjoy the following benefits:



The services of customs clearance agent provided by JTM Cargo ensure smooth and effective clearing of the shipment. Since more strict rules are there, services of our custom agent help clear all the formalities on time.


Frequent changes:

The regulations and laws of customs are complicated and frequent changes in these improve the complexities. Our agent is well versed with these changes and can help complete the process faster without delays.



Paperwork is also important since unavailability of a single paper can bring great delays. This factor is also covered in our services.


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