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Know All About Your Customs Clearance Agent
about 4 years ago

Whenever an organization is involved in Importing and Exporting of goods, they would require the services of customs clearance agents and freight forwarders.


A freight forwarder is a person who is responsible for the transportation of goods from one destination to another. A customs clearance agent or broker is responsible in handling functions like customs clearance, approvals and coordination with regulatory authorities in order to have efficient imports and exports of products or goods.



Every importer and exporter is expected to know the complete procedures of their respective functions. They should be well aware about the various terms and conditions applicable on their goods which can facilitate smooth functioning.


A customs clearance agent who is well aware of the various customs laws and rules can ensure speedy management so that the consignment is successfully loaded within the allotted time period without any delays. For the best customs clearance agent you can contact jtmcargo.com.au. JTM Cargo has a team of expert customs clearance agents who can help you in successful completion of customs clearance of the consignment.


Pre Customs Clearance


The pre customs clearance is a process in which a list of documents is prepared which is required to be duly submitted by the importer. In other words a complied list of the goods is prepared. The Custom Clearance Agent collects all the documents from the importer and the forwarding agent. He then moves ahead and file or submit the documents for the clearance process. Once all the procedures are done successfully he gets a Bill of Entry, which is the main document. This Bill of Entry is approved by the Customs after valuation and clearance.


Coastal Shipping Services

According to the standardization of INCO, the customs clearance agent prepares the documents in advance. As soon as the consignment is sent from its country of origin, the Bill of Lading and other important documents are filed online by the customs clearance agent and automatically registered at the customs department.


Clearance Process at Customs


When the consignment reach the customs office, the officers undertakes a physical inspection of the entire consignment. They also undertake the valuation of the goods. The complete description of the goods along with proper classification of the goods under respective chapters of Customs and Tariff is also done. Once it is certain that all the goods are as per the description and there are no traces of under invoicing, the customs duty is required to be paid. He customs clearance gent will take the responsibility of coordinate with the importer for payment of required Customs Duty. He then takes the physical delivery of the goods and delivers them to the importer at a pre determined place along with complete set of documents.


A warehouse period or free bonding period of three to seven days is permitted by the customs department. However this period might vary according to the country and location. Air shipment re given three days and sea shipments are given maximum seven days for free warehouse facility at the customs warehouse.


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